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Fame Residences

Fame Residences developed by SMDC is a premier residential condominium project located at EDSA, Mandaluyong City. Fame Residences has 4 Towers with 4840 Units. The project is currently available for sale. It will be turnover for occupation in the 3Q 2019. For best price list, payment terms, free site visit & details, call or chat live with an agent 24x7.

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Brgy Highway Hills , Mandaluyong, Metro Manila 1154
Turnover Date: 3Q 2019
Unit Sizes: Starting at 24 sqm
Price Range: Php 4M and up


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Fame Residences By SMDC

Enjoy the seamless fusion of the life and lifestyle that you have always dreamed of. Fame Residences is the perfect place to wake up every morning. The residence provides an elegant retreat to its residents all year round without them having to leave their homes. The residence has uniquely personal interests and vibrant sensibilities that give the residents a five star living experience.

Discover a new way of life where everything is easy and every day is bliss. The unique blend of work and style that the residence offers gives a thrilling experience to those who reside here.The beautiful resident is graced with a beautiful garden, landscaped with tropical foliage to complement the resort-like atmosphere of Fame Residence. Just as its name suggests, the resident is able to give its inhabitants that life that is fois only in movies. There is every exciting thing to look up to the residence.

Things you should know about Fame Residences

Actually, you already know about Fame Residences. That picture that comes to your mind when thinking about that king and his mansion is what this residential building offers. There is no more watching movies and thinking that that relaxed lifestyle in the movie is impossible. Instead of daydreaming about that fantastic life why not make a call?

First of all, the residential building has resort-like amenities. The grand lobby brings the outdoors in with its breathtaking panoramic view of downtown. This is the best place to relax if you need to get out of your room but still be within your space. The game room cannot be forgotten either for its ability to host several games all at once is amazing. There is also the pool and not just one pool but two; one for the adults and the another for kids. The excellent view lounge and the sunset lounge are another topics by themselves

Second, there is a commercial area at the ground floor. This is actually the best thing about this residence because it means that the residents do not have to walk long distances in order yo get their basic needs because they ate just at the doorstep. Furthermore, the place since the place is multipurpose, it is a convenient place to establish a business. In addition to that, there is no room left for staying in the dark when there is power outage since there is a standby generator which serves selected residential outlet and the common areas. Having no power does does not mean staying bored, smile for power in the view lounge is catered for.

Notably, there is there is 24 hour security. This means you can enjoy the city's nightlife without worrying about burglars breaking into your home. The SMDC deserve to be given credit for the excellent services that they provide for their residents. Apart from that, it just a short walk from the city's ventral business district to the Fame Residences. No need to come home early from entertainment hubs with your friends because of the long distance to be covered. Enjoy life while you can with Fame Residences.

Why own a home at Fame Residences

There is more than enough reasons to live in the upscale Fame Residences. The unique blend of work and social lifestyle brings some touch of vibrancy in lives. In Fame Residences, pleasure meets business. The residence gives the owners of these homes an opportunity to thrive both financially and in the social life. The ground floor is strictly for commercial purposes thus giving the residents an opportunity to invest at the comfort of their home. The homes also offer them an opportunity to spend glorious summer days at their doorsteps. Bored? You have an opportunity to walk around the landscaped areas as much as you wish. The serene environment acts as a stress reliever when one wants to unwind from the stressful day at work or school.

Fame Residences are located near the best shopping malls, educational and medical institutes, entertainment and recreational joints. These homes are an integration of luxury and convenience. The convenience of being besides and near the well established schools and amenities is a thrilling experience to the residents of the Fame Residences. The concept of convenience provides premium living experience to the residents. The residence's proximity to the SM Mall ensures that they live a convenient lifestyle. This first-rate residence provides homes for all. Those studying and those with young families who are trying to build a life for themselves have been catered for. The homes are especially exciting for those in colleges since they are still vibrant and are scared to death about boredom. The first-class amenities in the residence is what thia generation needs. Furthermore, these homes are beautiful and spacious enough to hold those parties and family gatherings. The residence gives its residents an opportunity to interact and have fun with friends and family at the comfort of their homes.

Homes are not just any kind of homes but a place where one can feel secure and Fame Residences know how to make one feel so thanks to the 24 hour security provided in this upscale residence. In addition, there are also the CCTV cameras placed in selected areas to provide additional security. This first-class residence takes no risks. It believes in the well being of its residents and their properties. Most of all, the homes are affordable. As marvelous as they are, they target the families with middle income families. The prices of the homes vary depending on a person's choice of home; a studio, one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. What you should keep in mind is that living in an affordable home does not mean one should live in a filthy and uncomfortable place. The homes here are very appealing to the eyes and are very comfortable. It is disturbing and quite embarrassing to bring friends in a shady home especially for the youth. It is not bragging but public opinion really counts and it influences us in a great way.

 The combination of luxury and convenience has set new standards in the world of residential establishments. A residence that brings the daydreams true. Its towers stand defiantly in the progressive city of the famous Mandaluyong. A residence that integrates lifestyle and business is what every sober-minded person chooses.

Wishing that you were living in Fame Residences? Wish no more for the homes are waiting to be occupied and it is just a phone call away.


SMDC Fame Residences in Mandaluyong City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Fame Residences, then check here first. We have full details of Fame Residences updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Fame Residences - Location & Vicinity

Fame Residences Is located at Edsa and Mayflower Street, Barangay Highway Hills , Mandaluyong, Metro Manila 1154.

In order to understand the vibrant life of Fame Residences, a quick look at the city that houses it will be the the wise thing to do. Fame Residences is located in this progressive city and it is just a few minutes away from the business district. The pristine environment of most areas of  the province makes it the perfect place for raising a decent family; kids. The fast-paced family is rapidly becoming industrialised due to its proximity to Metro Manila. The favored province is home to banking corporations, and activities such as agribusiness, aquaculture, food processing among others. Money is not everything but, it is the only thing so hurry as fast as you can and grab your opportunity to break the circle of poverty. Living in this province means no joblessness so why not choose Fame Residences?

The transport system there is one to be praised; all efficient and inexpensive. Moving around the unspoiled province is quite easy. The jeeps and taxis are easily accessible even though the jeep drivers can be ruthless sometimes. Moving around doesn't have to be stressful, whether one is going for that boring lecture, the much awaited date or to see the that friend. A beautiful province like this deserves such means of public transportation, yes? In as much as people keep complaining about boring lives, if they don't do anything to stop being bored nothing interesting will come their way. Mandaluyong is full of entertainment hubs that are held in high regards. A province that can never disappoint its residents. Mandaluyong is a city that never sleeps. Its residents get to enjoy the best of the best when it comes to entertainment. The exotic live performances from bands are a good way to unwind after a long unpleasant day. This is just another indicator of how romantic this city is.

The recreational facilities just within reach make the residences of this province not to live just an ordinary life but like on a vacation in their everyday life. Grab some popcorns and head to the state-of-the-art movie theatres and cinema halls that provide entertainment for those who enjoy passive entertainment. For partying and clubbing, the classic bars and clubs never disappoint. Fame Residences allows its residents to enjoy a blissful life all round the clock. It ensures that the residents live a vibrant lifestyle in a world renowned residential unit. Fame Residences elevates the quality of its residents' life by touching their lives through integrating pleasure and business.

Malls :

  • Tiangge sa EDSA - 0.18 km
  • Greenfield District - 0.26 km
  • foodstalls - 0.36 km
  • Crossings Department Store - 0.46 km
  • Tobys Estate - 0.49 km

Schools :

  • Highway Hills Christian School - 0.44 km
  • California Garden Montessori - 0.47 km
  • ABE Business School - 0.54 km
  • High School Division - 0.57 km
  • Lourdes School of Mandaluyong - 0.62 km

Restaurant :

  • Jepoys Grill - 0.22 km
  • Habib - 0.23 km
  • Pinoy Grill - 0.27 km
  • YTree Milk Tea - 0.29 km
  • Uno - 0.32 km

Hospitals :

  • Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center - 0.25 km
  • FriendlyCare Clinic - 0.74 km
  • Mauway Health Center - 0.90 km
  • Unciano General Hospital - 0.94 km
  • National Center for Mental Health - 1.31 km
Fame Residences Location

Fame Residences - Photo Gallery

Real Estate Photo Gallery

Family Suite Ledge

1 - Bedroom Unit with Balcony

Amenity 1 - Bedroom Unit

2 - Bedroom End with Balcony

Dressed up Function Room for Events

Dressed up Function Room for Events


Amenity Lobby

Grand Lobby


Kiddie Pool

Lap Pool

Lap Pool

Lap Pool

Lap Pool

Outdoor Lounge

Walk of Fame

Fame Residences - Features & Amenities

Fame Residences has first-rate exceptional features which ensure that the residence enjoy a luxurious and relaxed lifestyle; luxury and convenience.The landscaped area allow the residence to stroll around and have a good time breathing the fresh air no wonder the lovers of nature ate scrambling to have a home of their own in this exhilarating residence. The breeze is inviting and it creates the ambiance of cool and peaceful environment. The landscaped area is so scenic especially for the lovers of nature.  Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower and this is exactly what Fame Residence is providing to its residents.

Fame Residences is a multi-faceted fun living place which ensures that its residents enjoy themselves as much as possible. The invigorating recreational amenities elevates the lifestyles of Fame residents to a new level. The multiple pools being the best places to enjoy oneself. The kids are not left out either for they have their own swimming pool and a play area just to ensure that they enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of Fame Residences.The first-rate residential estate ensures that the residents enjoy a five-star living during their stay in Pasay city. Fame Residence introduces a new perspective to redidential living. A residence that houses the family together with their properties. The parking slots in the residence are just enough for everyone. New beginnings have never been this exciting and that is why no one has a reason of not celebrating all of life's milestones at Fame Residences. Every day living should not be ordinary but resort-like and that is why Fame Residences is dedicated to faithfully serve its residents by providing five parking floors to the residents.

The homes were constructed with everyone's taste in mind and that is why it can accomodate those studying, those working, children and the young families. Those who are studying experience the air of a good life by living in Fame Residences. They get to attend the best of the best educational institutions in the city due to its proximity to the schools. The residential units are constructed in a manner that suites students' needs especially those in colleges and universities. The units are spacious enough to host parties during the weekends. Furthermore, Fame residence is the best place to live in as one gets to spend glorious summer days just at their doorstep; the swimming pool, the lounge area, the grand lobby and the function room all waiting to give them all the fun they want. As for the young families, the rooms are spacious enough to allow the kids move around with ease. Moreover, the children's play area and the swimming pool ensures that there is no vocabulary as 'boredom' in their lives. For those working, the marvelous grand lobby, lounge area and function room are all there to help the residences unwind after a long stressfull day. Fame Residences is definitely the place to be.

  • Kiddie Pool
  • Swimming Pool 
  • Walk of Fame
  • Sunken Garden
  • Playground 
  • Outdoor Fitness Area 
  • Function Rooms 
  • Amenity Lobbies

Fame Residences - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Family Suite A and B ₱ 3,968,000 - 3,992,000 24.05 sqm - 24.2 sqm
1 Bedroom End Unit ₱ 4,040,000 24.49 sqm
1 Bedroom + Balcony ₱ 3,976,000 24.10 sqm
1 Bedroom End Unit + Balcony ₱ 5,026,000 29.74 sqm
2 Bedroom End Unit + Balcony ₱ 6,758,000 38.68 sqm
Regular Parking ₱ 950,000 12.50 sqm
Tandem Parking ₱ 950,000 12.50 sqm

Fame Residences - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash
Cash in 1 month
10% discount on unit
4% discount on parking
Deferred Cash
100% payable in 38 months
2% discount on unit
Spot DP
10% spot, 90% in 37 months, 2% discount on unit
20% spot, 80% in 37 months, 2% discount on unit
Spread DP
15% DP in 37 months, 85% balance through cash or bank
20$ DP in 37 months, 80% balance through cash or bank
Easy Payment
10% Spot DP, 10% over 36 months, 80% balance through cash or bank, 0.5% discount on unit

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Why You Should Invest In  Fame Residences

World-class amenities/ facilities

Here at the SMDC Fame Residences, you are treated with some of the world’s most well-loved amenities that will surely make you want to stay longer, even during weekends. Your family need not go farther to seek for an out-of-town adventure as this resort inspired community offers both the wonders of city living and the enchanting beach scenery, right at the comfort of your home. The adult and kiddie pools have pool decks and lounges that will make the entire family closely together. It has an outdoor fitness area, children’s playground, a walk of fame promenade and a holistic sunken garden, among others.

Fame Residences has also some of the most advanced building features that are truly SMDC signature innovations. Aside from the 24-hour security on its perimeter, it has 5 floors of car parking (2nd to 6th floors), commercial center on the ground floor, amenities and garden units at the 7th floor and has 4 high-speed elevators per tower. It has also CCTV cameras for surveillance, its own sewage treatment plant, garbage collection system on every floor and so much more. 

Ideal location

Located in the heart of Mandaluyong City, the Fame Residences Mandaluyong has SM Megamall, EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall, St. Francis of Assisi Church, the University of Asia and the Pacific, St. Paul College, St. Pedro Poveda College, VRP Medical Center, MRT Shaw Blvd. Station and the Ortigas Center, as some of the project’s immediate neighbors, making this site ideal for any destination for business, workplaces, education, recreation, fine dining, and leisure and shopping. 

The Central Business Districts of Makati and BGC (Taguig) are only a few kilometers to the southwest and to the south, respectively. Manila is just a 20-minute drive to the west, while Pasig City is a mere 10-minute ride to the east. Quezon City is a good 30-minutes away to the north, while San Juan is less than 5km to the northwest. This very accessible location near all of the metro’s major destinations makes the site more competitive for a better economic growth individually.


Be enchanted of the Fame Residences’ classic but with modern touch rendition of your dream home right in the center of the metropolis and enjoy the luxury of having to invest a small sum of fortune only SMDC could offer. All you have to do is pay a reservation fee, 10 to 20% down payment (of TCP), which is payable at a maximum of 34 months in equal amortization without interest, while you could pay the remaining balance via bank financing with minimal interest. A sure way of owning a piece of paradise through a sensible and easy investment.

Flexible payment options

SMDC Fame Residences does not only has the most affordable price in the market, it has also the easiest payment terms you can choose from. With spacious one-bedroom and two-bedroom units to choose from, you can certainly select the right payment terms you deserve. Aside from paying spot cash (with a big discount) or deferred cash payment, you can choose from the 4 other easily and light-to-the-pocket options the company is offering. Find out more about these convenient payment terms here.

How To Buy

For many people, it's the biggest financial transaction they'll ever make. That's why doing it right the first time is so important. Sometimes, buying a real estate property can feel like a dizzying set of rules and regulations. Luckily, armed with the right knowledge and know-how, you can start realizing your homeowner dreams the fast, easy, way.

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Our team has a shared passion in real estate and a relentless attention to detail that is essential in the real estate business, which has set us above the fray in the real estate communities. This unparalleled passion, combined with our expertise, ensures that your interests are well-represented.

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